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If a SARS debt collector calls you, call us


In a bid to tighten every loose thread in the tax collecting net, SARS have appointed eight debt collection agencies, focussed mainly on smaller and long outstanding monies owed to SARS. If you are contacted by any of these agencies, typically by email or sms, we recommend that you call or email us without delay….

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Turnaround time at SARS


With the annual tax filing season well underway, the South African Revenue Service (SARS) seems to be pulling all the stops to get back on track and to collect taxes in an efficient and effective way, says Ettiene Retief, Chairman of the National Tax and SARS Committee at SAIPA. The near disastrous changes to the…

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SARS things you need to know


As part of the announcement, SARS announced a number of other changes which it was looking to introduce during the upcoming tax season. These include: 1. SARS has sent personalised and direct communication to taxpayers who may not have to submit a return, based on information submitted during tax season 2017, setting out their specific…

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Why the weaker SA economy may actually be good for local investors

Weak Rand

With confirmation that local GDP declined by 2.2% in the first quarter on the year, followed by a major dip in the rand, doubts have been cast over South Africa’s so-called ‘Ramaphoria’. Normally, declining economic growth would also be bad for the stock market, since it limits companies’ ability to generate profits for shareholders. However,…

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SARS cuts deadline for tax returns


The South African Revenue Service (SARS) said on Monday that the tax filing season, which kicks off on July 1, has been shortened by three weeks, in a bid to improve efficiency. “A shorter filing season allows additional time for SARS, taxpayers and the tax fraternity to deal with returns verifications before most taxpayers go…

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Growing with a constrained balance sheet

Balance Sheet

In the issue of 24 May, I wrote about lazy balance sheets that are not being used to their full potential, and how the board of directors must either sweat the assets or return them to shareholders via dividends or share buy-backs. This time I want to focus on a constrained balance sheet – one…

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How “by the time you’re 35” reminded us that some saving goals are such a con, especially for SA millennials


According to some retirement experts, you should have double your salary saved by the time you’re 35. Millennials can just not catch a break. We’ve been accused of everything from ruining the economy, to not buying diamonds (I mean how dare we not have enough money to buy a gold carat ring?). We buy avo…

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