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Events Around South Africa

HARALD SITTA CC under the trademark  “Sittopera” started on the 4th of July with  one  online “streamed ”concert.

Doing Concerts, theatres and operas under the chicanery C-19 regulation are nearly impossible. Therefore it might be, that the musical cultural life comes to an end until  end of this year.

 The weapon against: The online streamed concert.

 Bookers may enjoy these concerts and event not only live on the given day and time but on any day and time of their convenience.

The gala of South African singers, will be around 15-20  with piano accompanying shall take place end of August/beginning of September.

In addition we plan every about 5 weeks concerts with one or two singers.

With a little bit of luck – the situation under the C-19 regulations is totally obscure – we can do up to  eight (8) events.

Book your next event and use the code (f e CTF) www.sittopera.co.za

SI OP CFT definite   :   SI OP Walkuere definite   :   SI OP onlineconcert Thabo Sithole

More Coming Soon!